More Bad News For RHOA Star Kenya Moore

The last few weeks have been pretty tumultuous for Kenya Moore after finally making a shocking divorce announcement just days before the RHOA season 12 trailer dropped, fans of the show have been left scratching their heads and waiting to know how her marriage ended before it ever really began.

It’s Justin Diego back with another Bingeworthy video, and today let’s talk about some of these rumors surrounding Kenya Moore’s marriage drama and do our best to withhold from giving the two of them the side eye.

The Tea
By now you know that Kenya and Marc Daly announced their Divorce in September and in their public statements they both blamed recent and ongoing circumstances for their demise. At that time both Kenya and Marc asked that we respect their privacy and in a weird move Marc actually threatened to take legal action if we didn’t mind our business— so I kept my mouth shut.

Yeah Right yall already know I was gagged but as much as I love Kenya I feel like we the people deserved to know what had happened— and apparently I wasn’t alone. Social media blew up with people speculating and coming up with their own theories.

The Drama
I first got wind of these rumors about Marc allegedly getting busted cheating on Kenya from All About the tea dot com, but over the last week those cheating allegations have started to make their way mainstream. And yall know where there is smoke, there is always fire.

According to Us weekly there is a lot more to the story. Allegedly Kenya Moore’s estranged husband, Marc Daly, was unfaithful to the Real Housewives of Atlanta star during their marriage. And to make things work their source is saying that Marc stepped out multiple times.

And All about the tea has a source that is saying that Kenya and Marc have been fighting since they got married. Marc has always been distant from Kenya and she assumed it was because he lived in Brooklyn but found out that he’s been seeing another woman that he has kids with. Chile their source is even saying that Marc has been seeing this woman for years and loves her very much. He hooked up with Kenya because she was so willing to pay for everything and helped him get out of debt and pay his bills. Now all of this is alleged but They are saying that their source is ROCK SOLID.

To make things worst Radar Online was one of the outlets that alleged from the beginning that Kenya and Marc got into an explosive fight while RHOA cameras were rolling when Kenya aggressively confronted Marc at an event he was hosting at the Wimbish House that was filmed for The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sept. 17 and I have reliable sources that confirmed this story saying they heard Marc call Kenya and Attention Who** and Nene Leakes and the girls made a huge deal about it and things got crazy.


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