How to write a manifesto for a school prefect Read

Some people are born leaders but the leadership skills have to be nurtured in school. This explains why today, schools take allocation of power to students seriously through holding elections. Just like politicians, if you want to become a student leader you must know how to write a manifesto for a school prefect.

The manner in which you write your manifesto determines whether or not fellow students will vote for you as a leader. Therefore, you must organize, your ideas, believes and plans in a comprehensive way that distinct you from other election candidates. By reading your manifesto, let the students and the whole school fraternity understand the strategies that you will use to cause positive transformations in the institution.

As you know, there are several areas in a learning institution that require overseeing by leaders. There is the compound, entertainment, health and sanitation. There must also be a senior prefect who oversees the work of the other prefects. Therefore, when writing your manifesto, consider the position you want and its requirement. For instance, if you want to become the chaplain prefect, your manifesto cannot be similar to that of a compound prefect.




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