Ezekiel Mutua bans Alvindo taka taka song in Kenya – KFCB

Ezekiel Mutua bans Alvindo’s taka taka song in Kenya. The Kenya film classification board (KFCB) boss shocked Kenyans as he declared the viral song taka taka by Alvindo illegal to be played in Kenya’s borders.

This comes in the wake of the incident involving a young girl Ivy Wangeci. In a press conference, Ezekiel Mutua declared such music form the lyrics is immoral and encourages violent behavior towards our women. BNN disagrees with these opinions and views this as censorship in Kenya’s music industry. Why did they take this long to ban it? There must be another agenda at play.

Alvindo’s producer Krg the Don took to Instagram to defend the artist and this music, saying its clearly a joke and nothing to do with violence against women. The artist has been summoned to the KFCB offices face charges or get arrested by the police if he fails to appear.

Alvindo has given interviews after his song went viral and seems a down to earth fun guy, who made a song after he was rejected by a girl. That is not a crime.


Edgar Obare

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