Bad News For Kenya Moore And Nene Leakes | RHOA Update

It’s been a while since Kenya fans have seen their Queen on TV, but we can rest assured that she’s coming back hotter than ever for season 12! And while she seems to have her hands quite full with her new baby and a recent divorce, you better believe she’s still got time to shade the queen of the Atlanta Housewives NeNe Leakes.

It’s Justin Diego back with another Bingeworthy video, and today let’s talk about the latest news out of Atlanta about our Real Housewives and why I am getting a little anxiety about Nene’s suspect friendship with Wendy Williams.


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The Tea
It’s no surprise that NeNe and Kenya aren’t getting along these days — the RHOA season 12 teaser says it all! According to sources close to the Atlanta housewives, these two fan favorites have been at odds during much of the new season of filming. Yall already know that Nene ended season 12 in the worst way isolated and without any real friends beside Marlo.

Honestly it got so bad I was really worried about the rich bish yall and I thought Bravo was gonna have to finally finesse a peach for Marlo Hampton or they’d finally pull that card they’ve been keeping in their pocket for a while now by bringing Phaedra back. Allegedly after Phaedra started running her mouth at Andy’s baby show to the wrong girls Andy put a stop to Nene’s campaigning to Bring Back P! Yeah I was shook yall I really felt like it was finally happening but yeah my source said that what ever Phaedra was saying in the streets really pissed Andy off and you’ll notice Nene hasn’t really been seen with her publicly ever since.

The Drama
I first got wind of these rumors about a major blowup between Kenya and Nene when I caught a piece of this interview that Kenya did with TMZ the other day (TMZ CLIP) I was surprised that Kenya had so much to say to this reporter but then again come on yall we know the game. I love Kenya, but it’s obvious my good sis called these people to have a moment and to get us talking. I think it’s the same reason that Nene gave Wendy that moment a few weeks ago on her show when she was asked about Kenya. (Wendy Clip) Yeah at this point anything that comes out in the next few weeks is gonna be press for the show but I’m here for it.

On Friday’s episode of the Wendy Williams show, the talk show queen opened the show dishing about RHOA season 12 making it clear that although she’s been out here smiling in Nene’s face she’s still that same old messy Wendy. (Wendy Clip) How do yall feel about this? I for one am nervous because I know Nene seems really invested in a friendship here, but I don’t want them to end up fighting again because of mess like this. (Wendy Clip) Yeah It’s hard to feel Wendy out but hey aint a thang wrong with securing the bag and using these celebs while you do it.

In that article Radar is alleging that NeNe and Kenya got into a huge disagreement where NeNe called Kenya the ‘thirstiest person she’s ever met’ after Kenya started talking about her divorce from Marc Daly. Yeah things got pretty bad with Nene allegedly going for the low blows saying ‘How are you divorcing a man that you didn’t even marry?” (Have you ever been shooketh)

Yeah I already told yall that they are not gonna play with Kenya this season. If you remember Kenya’s secret marriage out of the country has always been plagued with speculation and rumors with several people wondering if it was ever even a legal union since no one has ever been able to find the official receipts that validate their matrimony.

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