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Kenya travel advice for women

In their day-to-day lives, Kenyans are generally respectful towards women, although solo women in bars will attract a lot of interest from would-be suitors.

Trouble spots In most areas of Kenya, and certainly on safari, women are unlikely to experience any difficulties. The only place you are likely to have problems is at the beach resorts on the coast, where women may be approached by male prostitutes as well as local aspiring Romeos. It’s always best to cover your legs and shoulders when away from the beach so as not to offend local sensibilities.

Safety Women should avoid walking around at night. The ugly fact is that while men are likely just to be robbed without violence, rape is a real risk for women. Lone night walks along the beach or through quiet city streets are a bad idea and criminals usually work in gangs, so take a taxi, even if you’re in a group.

Discrimination Regrettably, black women in the company of white men are often assumed to be prostitutes, and can face all kinds of discrimination from hotels and security guards as well as approaches from Kenyan hustlers offering to help rip off the white ‘customer’. Again, the worst of this can be avoided by taking taxis between hotels and restaurants etc.

7 Reasons Why Women Love Traveling to Kenya!
Women are traveling solo like never before! We live in a remarkable age where they are coming even more fully into their own. Women are choosing to get to know the world and getting to know themselves. For them, traveling solo has become commonplace. Women-only tour companies has exploded over the past 7 years, catering to women travelers with a deep sense of wanting to connect with the world.

One of the destinations calling them most loudly is Africa!

And out of the 42 countries on the big continent, Kenya is one of the top choices. Here’s why women love traveling to Kenya it so much:

1. It’s Safe
Traveling to Kenya is rated as one of the top 7 safest countries in Africa to visit. The key: find a reputable and proven tour-group that knows the lay of the land and focuses on women!

2. The Kenyans are Kind
The Kenyans are some of the kindest, most hospitable and fun-loving people on the planet.

3. Women are Treated Like Royalty
While traveling to Kenya, travelers are treated like honored guests, like royalty by hotels, drivers, and the locals from the villages to the most sophisticated

4. 4-Star Luxury
4-stay luxury accommodations complete with delicious international cuisine, swimming pools, and work-out rooms are available across the country in Nairobi, regional hubs, and the many safari parks

5. English is Common
In Kenya, English is the national working language, making traveling to Kenya a lot easier to understand.

6. Game Parks and Safaris
The game parks and safaris are some of the best in all of Africa. Certain kinds of giraffes and elephants are only seen in this part of the continent.

7. The Kenyan Women
The Kenyan women are bright, sophisticated, well-spoken, interested in the world and welcoming.

8. They are Interested in Us, Too!
One of the wonderful things we’ve learned on Women’s Journey to Kenya is that Kenyans are as interested in us as we are in them.

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