Running a Successful TAILORING Empire in KENYA: All YOU Need to Know

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Would you love to know how to sew? Are you a passionate tailor but don’t know where to begin from?

After starting a sewing business, I made a few mistakes which I provided on

Starting a Sewing / Tailoring Shop as an Offline Business in Kenya: The dummy mistakes I made and how to avoid them.

After writing a business plan, I didn’t know how to follow it through so my business closed and I had to start from home again.

What does a tailor or seamstress need to know before they start their business?

I have provided a step by step guide for you to get in the know:

Writing a business plan
Finding a suitable location,
Selecting a niche that matches your passion
Marketing, you can market from home before you even open up shop.
Scaling your business among other topics.

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If you’d love to do business,

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