Impeccable Views; Hiking at Table Hill Mt. in Kenya

Hiking at Table Mountain in Kenya was one of my favourites hikes. It is not widely known nor explored much in Kenya. One is able to have a vast view of the impecable Lake Elementaita. Seeing the amazing reflection of the blue skies on the lake and the lovely flamingos and white pelicans was phenomenal.

On top of Table Mountain one experiences an amazing infinte view of the beautiful Great Rift valley with amazing views of the vest landscapes and vegetations. One is also able to clearly see the incredible Sleeping Warrior Hill and Abaredares.

Important facts to know when planning for a hike at Table Mountain;
1) Difficulty-Moderate
2)Treaking distance -18kms
3) Duration-5-7hrs

Empire Dance Kenya organized the hike so well. They are unique in that they choreographed a dance piece for us and we danced at the top of Table Mountain. It was such an amazing experience.

Kenya is indeed beautiful. Let’s all explore this beautiful motherland.

For more information on the 10 Hiking Essentials needed for a hike, kindly check out my YouTube video

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Original of the video here

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