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Episode 1/ Part 2

The video will provide the links, information and connection with the process of buying properties at a reasonable price which will lead to passive income and an appreciation asset. Also did I include a Home in the MotherLand? The need to diversify your portfolio is needed. The need for housing is needed, So let’s capitalize on realistic growth with is needed and Not only wanted. This is part one of many more series and information which will help you gain the need trusted connection and understanding of how to be a property owner in Tanzania, Zanzibar. Part two will provide information on a the property in Kenya, Nairobi. I stated will the lowest price point for this video in order to introduce first time investors/buyers to a reasonable investment/purchase.

The Following information provides the links and connections to needed information:

Need to Know-…

Buying off plan Property in Kenya-…

Buying property in Kenya? Read our Kenya property buying guide-…




Legal Team for Advise and Legal Assistance:


Article 65 of the Kenyan Constitution limits foreigners to holding only leasehold titles for a maximum of 99 years but permits future renewals on condition that the subject property held under that title is economically active and it is not required for public use purposes. This therefore means that if a foreigner purchases a property held under a freehold title, it will revert to a long term leasehold tenure.

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