Fieldtrip short Docu – Kenya: Taka?

Short footage of my fieldtrip for my graduation project in Nairobi. Living for a small month in the middle of a slum, seeing the waste and water problems with my own eyes and standing on top of the Dandora Dumpsite made this an experience to never forget. Observation of the behaviour regarding waste, speaking with the council, government and private sector parties and interacting with the local community offered me various perspectives. As first result, I gave a workshop on circular economy and waste management among 25 teachers over 6 schools of around 200/300 kids in Dandora and Mathare. To be continued! 

Special thanks to :
Zuzanna Sekula
Charles Lukania
Benard Ochieng
Shakespear Ariwi
Vincent Okiengo

African Walk – Tony Allen
African Heat – Tony Allen

Original of the video here

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