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Kenya is a sovereign state in East Africa that is officially known as the Republic of Kenya with Nairobi as the Capital and largest city. The country lies on the equator bordered by the Indian Ocean to the south-east and Tanzania, another East African country to the south, Uganda lies on the west while South Sudan is located in the north-western part of Kenya, Ethiopia to the north and Somalia to the north-east. This article highlights some of those interesting, informative, fascinating and sometimes .

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Here are some fun facts to get you excited.:

1. Kenya’s bizarre, jagged Marafa Depression is known as the ‘place broken by itself’

2. Nairobi’s Giraffe Manor hotel is surrounded by a giraffe sanctuary, with giraffes frequently popping their heads in the window to say hello guests

3. Nairobi’s all-you-can-eat Carnivore restaurant serves crocodile, ostrich, camel, chicken, beef, lamb, pork, and bull testicles all grilled on charcoal and served on swords

4. Kenya’s Kitum Cave has been used by wild animals as a salt lick for centuries. It’s also home to a deadly, bat-borne virus.

5. Kenya’s Lamu Island is car-free

6. The Great Rift Valley was formed more than 20 million years ago

7. Lake Naivasha is home to the unique Hippo Point lodging, a 40m tall and 12m wide hotel that blends in with the local scenery, allowing supreme hippo watching

8. Kenya’s Kalenjin tribe has been dubbed ‘the running tribe’ for its unbelievable ability to spawn world record breaking runners

9. At a Masai wedding it is customary for the bride’s father to bless his daughter by spitting on her

10. 69 different languages are spoken in Kenya

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