Coldwell Banker offers industry news via Amazon’s Alexa

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As a torrent of new technologies and business models take real estate by storm, it can be difficult to keep up. Coldwell Banker is aiming to help agents stay in the know by serving up industry and company news through Alexa, Amazon’s voice-activated assistant. The real estate franchisor has unveiled a new “Skill” — a downloadable voice-activated ability — that can be used with Alexa-compatible devices, such as Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. Agents can download the “Coldwell Banker Gen Blue News Skill” to their Alexa mobile app through the “Business & Finance” section in the Alexa Skills store. Then, agents need only issue the command, “Alexa, open Gen Blue News,” and their device will play a weekly 90-second episode. “Whether its insights from a new market report or a how-to guide from a fellow agent on the latest tech product, agents can use the Skill to expand their smart home product use and stay ahead of the curve,” Coldwell Banker said in a statement. Agen…