Robots and drones built this spooky pavilion

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Students at the University of Stuttgart in Germany already used robots to make a sea-urchin-inspired pavilion, and now they’re are taking drone-made architecture to the next level with this new pavilion inspired by moth larvae.

This year’s ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion is a 39-foot-long cantilevered overhang made of 112 miles of carbon and resin fibers. The weaving technique teamed up two industrial robotic arms with a pair of drones. The giant robot arms stood on either end of the frame, periodically handing off the fiber thread to a drone who would fly it over to the other robot arm.

Apparently the process was inspired by the larvae of leaf-miner moths, which spin silk “hammocks.” Hey, why not?

Get a better sense of the process in this video:

[embedded content]

Via: Dezeen